Our Park Hotel in Vipiteno

The magic of Parkhotel

A green heart: a peaceful oasis.

The wonderful 6000 m² of gardens of our Parkhotel in Vipiteno will certainly raise your spirit. You will be able to forget all that’s not important share some peaceful moments with nature. Get inspiration from the muse and spend some wonderful times.

Discover small ponds, our rose arches, the flower-laden gazebo, quiet corners, deck chairs and beds, the protected bee-hives, birds nesting areas, the sauna in the wooden hut and much more. Follow the paths and let yourself be drawn in ...

Small pebbles and the soft grass massaging your feet.

A light tingling sensation.
Bees flying around, butterflies dancing in the wind, the sound of shaking tree tops.

Paths surrounded by scented flowers, broad-leaf trees and conifers.

Parkhotel at Vipiteno/Sterzing

Highlights | in summary.

  • 6000 m² park owned by the hotel with sunbathing lawn, sauna in little wooden hut, quiet corners and much more.
  • The best starting point
  • Alpine city of Vipiteno: focal point and access point to the South Tyrol life style
  • The kind and friendly lady of the house: Mrs Fini Schafe


Deserving to be lived.

Characterised by an informal personal atmosphere, traditional and sustainable, thrives the South Tyrol life style. A style developed while facing the challenges of life. That adapts and evolves whilst keeping its roots deep in the ground, to ensure balance and a solid base for the present and the future. Something that so far has proved very successful. A region with a well-deserved excellent reputation for pleasure and leisure. A place where diversity and authenticity are intrinsic values.

Welcome to Vipiteno, welcome to South Tyrol.

A place to live and to dream.

The alpine city of Vipiteno is not just the northernmost city of Italy, but also a focal point and access point to the South Tyrol life style. It’s where South Tyrol, German and Italian culture meet.

Discover Vipiteno/Sterzing
Vipiteno/Sterzing by night
Vacation at Vipiteno/Sterzing

Joy for life.

The best moment is right now. Make the most of it, in an establishment that inspires, revitalises and awakens the spirit. We really wish you a good rest. We hope that you will remember your holiday with us at your Parkhotel in Vipiteno with a smile on your face. We hope that you will be back, not just as guests, but also as friends.

Ambiance - Hotel zum Engel
Dinning room

Way of life:
The story of the hotel.

A look at the past: how things were and what they have become.

  • About 30 years ago Mrs Fini Schafer acquired the original “Gasthaus”, with four bedrooms and a common bathroom in the corridor. Cooking was only a summer event, and there was no written menu.
  • Farming activities stopped at the beginning of the '90. The garden, the terrace and the car park were expanded, and more rooms were built.
  • In 2010 the dining room, two “Stube” (farmhouse kitchens), the buffet area and the gardens were expanded and refurbished.
  • In 2013 the new pool was completed and the wellness area expanded.
  • In 2016 we celebrated our progress and the opening of 12 new Fugger Suites.
  • Today - and hopefully for many years to come - we have our wonderful Parkhotel in Vipiteno, a place where families, loving couples, adventurers and gourmets can feel at home.

The work of a lifetime.
The lady of the house. A portrait.

“While others dreamed of becoming doctors or teachers, I already knew my passion, my vocation since childhood: I always wanted to be in hospitality. I have always loved dealing with people and I have always had the desire to be able to please you, my dear guests. And together with my staff I always want to make sure that you have a full and outstanding wellness experience. If we succeed, then we have done things right.
And talking about wellness: the heart of our Parkhotel in Vipiteno is our park, a true corner of paradise like no others. Let the sun rays warm your face, enjoy the view of the Monte Cavallo Mountain. Let your thoughts wander, free your head of all worries and recharge your batteries. It’s my favourite place ... and soon it may also become yours ...”

Fini Schafer

Hosts - Fini Schafer
The Parkhotel
At the discovery
of the Zum Engel Hotel ...

A happy holiday

Wellness in winter

Wellness in winter

valid from 09.01. - 30.01.2022 and from
27.03. - 10.04.2022

4 nights starting from € 400.- per person including 3/4 board

Arrival days: Sunday and monday

Cuddle package

Cuddle package

valid from 13.05.-01.08 and from 29.08.-07.11.2021
5 nights starting from € 450.- per person
including 3/4 board
Arrival day: daily

Holidays in the apartment 7=6

Holidays in the apartment 7=6

valid from 09.01. - 29.01.2022 and from
26.03. - 09.04.2022

Stay 7 days, pay only 6 = 1 day for free

Arrival day: Saturday

Spa Emotions

Spa Emotions

valid from 13.05.-01.08 and from 29.08.-07.11.2021
3 nights starting from € 320.- per person
including 3/4 board
Arrival day: daily

Christmas on the mountains

Bike Days

valid from 19.12. - 26.12.2021

7 nights starting from € 720.- per person in double room including 3/4 board


To the vipiteno christmas market

valid from 12.12.2021 - 23.12.2021

3 nights starting from € 280.- per person
including 3/4 board

Arrival day: daily

Golden autumn

Golden autumn

valid from 03.10. - 07.11.2021
7 nights starting from € 630.- per person

including 3/4 board

Arrival days: daily

Tasting package in autumn

Tasting package in autumn

valid from 03.10. - 07.11.2021
4 nights starting from € 360.- per person

including 3/4 board

Arrival days: daily

Family week All Saint´s Day

Family week All Saint´s Day 7 = 6

valid from 30.10. - 06.11.2021 and from 31.10. - 07.11.2021

1 child under 6 years free (valid for familys with 2 paying adults with min. 1 child)

including 3/4 board

Arrival days: Saturday or sunday