4 Stars Hotel in Vipiteno / Sterzing

A flutter of wings. A moment of happiness.

The lightness of the soul.

Today: we welcome you. Right now, for a holiday at your 4-star Zum Engel hotel in Vipiteno. Enjoy your peacefully surroundings.

Let yourself be inspired.

Tomorrow: is another day. Wellness will conquer you. Take things easy and let this Hotel in Vipiteno / South Tyrol spoil you: find your favourite places; enjoy your rituals; fill with energy; revive your spirit; plan.

Your holidays: ideas, adventures, wellness and whatever makes you feel good.

Let yourself be dazzled …



The Parkhotel

The magic of the Parkhotel

Soothing for the body and the soul. Romantic settings. True well-being. Do absolutely nothing for once... Or seek inspiration from a muse.

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Rooms & apartments



Sweet dreams in our rooms and suites. Wonderful times in our holiday apartments. Romantic times shared under the covers. Enjoying each other’s company. Dreaming.

Rooms, suites & pricesAppartements & prices


Feeling good and enjoying life



… inspired, seduced and conquered by food. Hotel guests and restaurant visitors. Refined dishes, local South Tyrol fresh, delicious and seasonal produce. 7th heaven = pure pleasure at Parkhotel Zum Engel.

Culinary traditionRestaurant



Regenartion - relax and wellness

Sauna area & water world ...

Reinvigorating, relaxing, revitalising: warmth and water come together. Silky-smooth skin. A relaxing massage releasing all the tension.

Wellness & massages




Excursions, tourist attractions, endless activities

A turning clock. And in the middle? Vipiteno, the beating heart of South Tyrol. Live more. Find out more. Charm and Ideas.

From here to there: a road trip


Summer and Winter


Endless opportunities!
All year round.

Skiing, Hiking, Canoeing... or rafting? A visit to the attractions of the city. A mountain bike or motorbike adventure. When? Right now!

A region with much to offer


Your special day with us. An inspiring experience.

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The pleasure of breakfast

The pleasure of breakfast

Good morning sunshine! The aroma of fresh coffee in the air. Fresh fruit and smoothies fill the room with colour, and an array of sweet, healthy and mouth-watering delicacies full of vitamins raise the heartbeat of breakfast lovers. The way to a person’s heart is also through the stomach ...



You only arrived yesterday, so just take things easy and visit the enchanting city of Vipiteno, or may be even Bressanone.

Sweet pleasure

Have lunch at our hotel and let us spoil you. Mmmmm!

Romantic natural spectacle

A suggestion from our reception, and you are now on your way to the Stanghe Gorge, which seems like a romantic place deserving of a visit. And after lunch a little stroll is always welcome.

Relax, wellness, hotel gardens

Tired but happy, you come back from your shopping and your adventures. You can now just relax in our sunny gardens. And may be later on a visit to the sauna, or the romantic Heunestl room ...

Time for a snack

A little fruit salad or a slice of cake that will make your mouth water. Our afternoon buffet (2:30 - 5:00 pm) is full of delicacies that will brighten up your day. But be careful: don’t eat too much, or you might not be able to enjoy the best time of the day.

A little black dress

May be on your visit to the nearby shops you got yourself something nice to wear for dinner. And when is the best time to be elegant and let your loved one admire you if not on holidays?

Culinary temptations

Did you really think that breakfast was the best you could look forward to? Just look at the welcoming dining room, the carefully set table and the delicious food... you have to admit that you were wrong. The whole day is, and has been, the “best”..... mmmmmmm!

Under the covers

Let the evening end - close the door. The day is now over. Good night!

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Pillow fight

Pillow fight

No alarm clock needed for the parents. The little ones will make sure of that. You are all familiar with this worrying peace and quiet, aren’t you? When you don’t see or hear anything... It means that your children are up to something. Soft steps... A soft scream and... The fierce pillow fight starts! Good morning!

The joys of breakfast

The joys of breakfast

After all this unexpected morning action (which also helps take away aches and worries), is now breakfast time. Coco for the little ones and coffee for us adults... not to wake us up: our children have already done that! The family breakfast table is full of all kinds of delicacies. Mmmmmm!

Time to get ready. Where are we going?

Time to get ready. Where are we going?

Before arriving, you spent a little time to learn about the place and its attractions. Today is the day of the leisure mountain, Monte Cavallo. Tomorrow the Skytrek high rope in Vipiteno, and then we will spend a day at the Alpenzoo in Innsbruck, less than one hour from Vipiteno, for the joy of our children. Perfect!

Splash! The lovely pool

Splash! The lovely pool!

Back from RossyPark and trekking with lamas. The next stop is the hotel pool. This is so much fun!

Me time

Me time

Time for that massage or beauty treatment booked yesterday, or for a sauna with your partner. Children are happy to have some time without their parents, so everyone can spend an hour as they wish.

A little snack to fill that little void

A little snack to fill that little void

The children have discovered the afternoon buffet (2:30 to 5:00 pm). It is our duty to take care of you and your dears, so your family is enjoying a picnic on the lawn. Not bad!

Dinner time!

Dinner time!

The starters buffet is full of things that just need to be eaten! And while children go “Oh”, “Ah” and “Mmmm, mum, that’s really good”, their parents toast to life, love and this unforgettable holiday with a glass of Pinot Grigio.

Bed time for the younger ones

Bed time for the younger ones

The day is over, the eyes become all glassy and the eyelids come down. And before their heads fall into the plate, dad takes them to bed.

A moment of happiness

A moment of happiness

The children are peacefully sleeping in their comfy beds, while mum and dad end the evening with a well-deserved glass of good wine or a local drink. Deep conversation, looking into each other’s eyes while holding hands.

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7:00 pm

Healthy and in good shape

Healthy and in good shape

You have found that the gym, only 50 metres away, and the own hotel pool are open from 7:00 am. So it’s a little time on the treadmill, some equipment training, and then a nice refreshing swim! A great start of the day.

Morning and... something good for your palate

Morning and... something good for your palate

The renowned Vipiteno yogurt with fresh fruit, the rye bread from the bakery around the corner with home-made jam, strong coffee and many types of pastries and cakes, can all be enjoyed at the breakfast table with view of the gardens.

Backpacks ready and boots on

Backpacks ready and boots on …

… not forgetting the camera. You are an expert hiker and you want to try something new. The hotel suggests that you take yourself to the Telves White Peaks. Just go to the Monte Cavallo cable car station. Reaching the peak will take 2 hours and 30 minutes. The views are breath-taking.

A lunch break with a view

A lunch break with a view

A sandwich will not taste any better than at the top, with 360° views of the surrounding mountains. Enjoy the scenery and take some pictures. Only then you can start your way back.

Total relaxation

The trip to the mountain was wonderful! You have already sent some pics to families and friends through the Internet. Now you can just relax in our Finnish sauna with the revitalising immersion pool.

Kulinarische Verwöhnmomente

The time of culinary delights …

… is upon us. Enjoy a fruity aperitif in preparation for the captivating world of our mouth-watering food and spend your evening just as you like.

A happy holiday



14.03. - 28.03.2021

4 nights starting from €380.- per person in double room including 3/4 board

Arrival days: Sunday and monday

Cuddle package

Cuddle package

07.01. - 31.03.2021
5 nights starting from € 425.- per person
including 3/4 board
Arrival day: daily

Easter at Hotel Engel

Easter at Hotel Engel

01.04 - 05.04.2021
02.04 - 06.04.2021

4 nights startig from € 380.- per person

including 3/4 board

Spa Emotions

Spa Emotions

07.01. – 31.03.2021
3 nights starting from € 305.- per person
including 3/4 board
Arrival day: daily